Rugged Computing Solutions

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When compromise isn’t an option, Getac computers deliver the power, mobility, and the flexibility to meet your organization’s needs.

Rugged computing solutions are no longer limited to extreme working conditions. Getac’s unmatched power and adaptability meets the needs of organizations that demand a superior computing solution. The wide-range of rugged computing offering encompasses ultra-rugged server level laptops to rugged tablets. OSI’s close partnership with Getac, allows us to not only help you select the right computing solution, but also help you customize the products to meet your team’s specific mobile computing needs. 

General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MSA) Program awardee to provide rugged computing solutions to Federal agencies, State and local governments, and authorized prime contracts.


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In today’s environment when so many employees are working remotely, there are additional requirements that mobile devices need to meet. These demands include computing power, mobility, flexibility, and data security. Getac’s rugged computing line-up offers various levels of ruggedized laptops and tablets, as well as the flexibility to customize the mobile device to meet job function needs, and enhanced data security through multi-factor authentication.