Flexible alternative purchasing options structured for your agency

OSI federal has partnered with FSM Leasing Services to offer our Government customers alternative procurement strategies to acquire products and services. Our alternative purchasing plans help organization shift their purchases from capital budgets to operating and maintenance budgets preventing funding cuts to IT programs. 

Our payment plans allow for agencies to align their expenses with their IT projects through a variety of acquisition options: Lease to Own Plan (LTOP), Lease with the Option to Purchase (LWOP), Extended Payment Plan (EPP), or a systematic solution that allows for service and equipment to be bundled to ensure proper maintenance and replacement in a timely manner.

Leases are usually 12-60 months in length and can be structured so your agency can make payments monthly, quarterly, or annually for the duration of the lease.

Lease to Ownership Plan (LTOP)

A Lease To Ownership Plan (or Capital Lease) allows your agency to own the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Lease with the Option to Purchase (LWOP)

A Lease with the Option to Purchase (or Operating Lease) is an exchange of equipment for payments during the life of the lease.
However, when the lease term matures, your agency has the following options:

  1. Purchase the equipment for an agreed upon price.
  2. Extend the lease term.
  3. Return the equipment to the vendor.

Extended Payment Plan (EPP)

An Extended Payment Plan allows the agency to make payments (monthly, quarterly or annually) over time that fits within your budgetary perimeters.