Computing solutions for every business objective

We understand the demands that today’s remote workforce face. Our rugged computing solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the end-user and the environment they will be working in.

Rugged Computing

OSI’s strength lies in our ability to develop flexible solutions that address the immediate and long-term needs of the end-user and organizations. From semi-rugged laptops to fully rugged tablets our solutions go beyond just delivering a device to providing an end-to-end solution that encompasses the customization of devices and deployment, to the secure storage of data.


Not all missions can be accomplished with the same tools. As the IT demands of government agencies have become more complex and specialized, OSI has developed strategic partnerships to support these new challenges.  Our customization options go beyond standard upgrades to memory and storage.  Truly customized solutions address the needs of the end-user by tailoring the products to make them more efficient; from two-factor authentication, to scanners, and even remote printing options.

Imaging / Asset Tagging & Reporting

Getting devices in the hands of your staff that is properly configured can seem like a daunting task. Our end-to-end solution provides your organization the option to deliver devices that are preconfigured, imaged, tested, and delivered directly to the end-user. Through secure connections IT managers can provide client system images and monitor the testing and deployment of the device to the end user. Through our asset tagging system offerings you can account for the device and manage necessary warranties.


From time-to-time any device or system can develop problems. The responsiveness of the support team is critical to ensuring minimal interruptions to an organization’s operation. OSI is committed to delivering a quality experience.  Based on organizational needs OSI can deliver support packages that can cover phone support to immediate system replacement. Our staff can work to develop support plans that address your mission needs.

Secure Data Storage

OSI ensures that the systems arrive properly configured – anywhere you need it. Utilizing our certified technical integration engineers, clients and partners benefit from improved manageability, simplified administration and reduced compatibility issues. We can especially add value with our lower support costs and convenience of having hardware configured at one time, in one place, with the highest quality and dependability assurance.