Our Integration Solutions offers a portfolio of configure-to-order programs, allowing us to provide turnkey solutions directly to our customers.

Integration Solutions for Branded/Non-Branded Products
  • PC, Server, Printer & Notebook Reconfiguration
  • Hardware insertion and removal
  • Branded and white-box desktops
  • Branded and white-box servers
  • BIOS and firmware updating and configuration to servers
  • RAID set-up
  • Standard burn-in

  • 24 hour for servers
  • 48 hours for storage
  • MAC address reporting
  • OS (Microsoft and Linux)
  • Encryption
  • Third-party software loads

Imaging / Asset Tagging & Reporting
  • Traditional
  • 2D bar coding (UID)
  • Asset number in BIOS
  • Imaging depolyments
  • Image creation
  • Customer-installed imaging servers & VPN
Other Value-Added Services

Scanners/card readers
Configuration, tagging, software load

Memory, tagging, load IP and MAC address, Install net cards

Laser Etching Services
Applications include but not limited to:

  • Logos
  • Text
  • Serial numbers
  • Asset tags
  • UID
  • Bar codes
  • Part numbers

OSI ensures that the systems arrive properly configured – anywhere you need it. Utilizing our certified technical integration engineers, clients and partners benefit from improved manageability, simplified administration and reduced compatibility issues. We can especially add value with our lower support costs and convenience of having hardware configured at one time, in one place, with the highest quality and dependability assurance.


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